Are You Feeling Stuck?

Do you feel scattered?

Do you lack focus?

Do you continue to make poor choices despite your best efforts?

Do you reach for something sweet or salty when you are stressed or tired?

Are you wanting to operate at your optimum level, but feeling like you are running on empty?

What's holding you back from feeling your best?

Are you your own worst enemy and do you self sabotage instead of embrace self-love? 

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Begin Your Journey

Believe It, Pursue It, Live it

Your journey towards a better way of life begins today. Whether you’re looking for support in your professional and/or personal life, Taking Flight will guide you on your transformational journey step by step, through the four cycles of life.  Are you ready to TAKE FLIGHT and Live Bold and Be You? Start your transformation today.  If what you are doing is not getting you the results you desire, it is time for a change.


Taking Flight

Four Week Transformational Program for growth and change to live bold and be you.

Every single individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back and prevent them from taking flight. Live Bold Be You is here to help you along in your new journey. Through a four week transformational process, we will emerge from our cocoons and spread our wings and achieve things that we previously thought weren't possible. With expert advice and proactive coaching and accountability, you’ll soon have the courage and the mindset to achieve your goals.  Book a complimentary consultation today to see if the Taking Flight program is the change you’ve been seeking.

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Where are you on your journey?

Are you ready to emerge from your cocoon?

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Middle Aged Woman

"I was new to aerial yoga And my first class was with Meredith and I have never had so much fun! I was very nervous but with her guidance we all flowed like butterflies! I would highly recommend anyone trying her class. Not to mention she’s adorable and fun!"


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